cannot be seen with a naked eye.  They fly within the radius of the house and perform somersaults in the air. 
The Iranian Tumblers  come in all colors.  The favorite color of the fanciers are Du-Khat  or pushtar (Saddle), Saabz, suroor  and a few other colors that are very rare. 


The Iranian high flying tumblers (Also known as Persian Highfliers) are very unique birds.  They have round heads, and exceptionally long wings and tails.  In Iran every city has their own version of the highfliers, but the best endurance flyers are from the city of Tehran.  The Tehran highfliers come in all colors but people pay more attention to their flying ability.  Depending on their background and the way they are trained; a good highflier should fly anywhere from 8 to 12 hours.  Some of these birds have flown for 12 to 16 hours.  The best time I have gotten is 13 hours from one of my blue (saabz) cocks. 

If I train my birds well, I easily get more than 8 hours from my young birds.









When flown the tumblers should start by tumbling vertically up and performing 5 or more somersaults in a row.  When they start at first they tumble so hard that one can hear from a far distance.  They fly so far that they

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